07 August 2010

Let the sewing fun begin!

Last weekend I took a trip to Lincraft and trawled through the pattern books. I found the one I had originally been wanting to make - the McCall's skirt seen in this post. However, I decided to have a quick look through the New Look patterns, and I found this very similar one for almost half the price - and it includes a pocket version!
Image: Simplicity/New Look

There was a half-price sale on fabric at Lincraft, so I bought a nice black linen and cotton blend. I've decided to make the skirt in the main picture using Thea & Sami Marguerite fabric for contrast pockets. Making the one with the contrast band at the bottom was going to mean cutting and joining the fabric, which I didn't really want to do.
Image: Thea & Sami

This morning I've traced the pattern so I can use it again, and later Shilo and Rebecca are coming over to help me carefully pin the pieces on to the fabric ready for cutting (Rebecca is also learning to sew, and she's being very ambitious and making a maxi dress for her first project). As you can see on the packet image, the pattern is 'easy' - but, of course, I have no idea where to start, and everything looks confusing to me. Hopefully with a bit of patience I'll soon have myself a skirt!

Also, don't forget my fundraising for Plan Australia. There are now more than 14 million people affected by the floods in Pakistan and close to 2000 have been killed. Thankfully, my sponsor child's community has so far been spared. If I reach my $500 target, I'll be committing to not using the internet for a whole week. For more information, please visit my fundraising page.

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  1. Good luck can't wait to see the result...love the fabric, cheers Katherine