31 October 2009

The Finders Keepers markets

Today John and I visited the first ever Finders Keepers markets in Brisbane. So much to see and so much to buy!
I went with only $100 in my purse (as I knew it would be far to dangerous to take any more than that) with the primary aim of buying Christmas presents for friends. I succeeded, of course, but I can't tell you what I bought, since several of the gift recipients are readers of this blog.

I also got some hair clips for myself, a housewarming gift, and a nice little present for Bonsai Foi/Ms Fiona Lee/Mrs Fiona Taylor, who celebrates getting another year older tomorrow. Happy birthday Bonsai - come back from Melbourne town!

If you're in Brisbane, there's still time to visit the markets tonight, and it's also on all day tomorrow.

26 October 2009

A blast from the past...

We were in Fundaberg (sorry, Bundaberg) over the weekend for my sisters engagement party. While I was looking on my dad's computer for some pictures to on the digital photo frame I bought as a gift I came across these real estate photos of our unit before we bought it! In all the excitement at the time we forgot to save copies for ourselves.
I have a sneaking suspicion that the agent placed a few props in these photos, such as the moving bowl of fresh fruit, the flowers on the lovely plastic dining table and the photo frames with nothing in them next to the bed (behind which the wall was FILTHY when we moved in).

What do you think? Does it look better now?

25 October 2009

Oooooh, a typewriter!

I just won this fabulous machine on ebay - a cute little orange typewriter that just happens to fit with the colour scheme of our wedding! The plan is to set this up on a table in lieu of a guest book. My parents are worried that a lot of people won't 'get' it, but I'm sure it will work out fine.
I might take it to the typewriter man in Alderley for a new ribbon, and to see if he can fix the question mark key...

18 October 2009


I think I'm slowly getting better at creating vignettes around the home. A few days ago I shuffled some things around on the book cases, and ended up moving miss Fiona's birdie gocco print to the stack of old books I set up last week. I think it's finally found its permanent home, right near my recently acquired owl print!
It's also suddenly dawned on me that I've managed to collect a lot of bird things - they seem to be congregating a lot in the living room and bedroom (such as the bone china origami cranes, bone china mini bird feeder and Fiona's wedding invite, not to mention the flying ducks!).

So I bought more things...

My sister visited from Bundaberg yesterday. This means mind-numbingly boring shopping trips to Chermside and factory outlets (she even visited some establishments twice). Somehow I managed to buy more than anyone at DFO - including a $10 pair of jeans. I know - I think I've officially gone mad. And how could I resist these cute jars? They were just screaming to be put on the kitchen windowsill full of tea bags!

On the left, we have organic ceylon; on the right, vanilla-scented chai.
I also got this lovely big fruit bowl from Target a couple of weeks ago. Ok, so it doesn't have much fruit in it today, only onions, garlic and pears. But I can assure you that it looks lovely when it is full of fruit!

14 October 2009


I thought I should showcase John's Juxtapoz magazine collection on Flying Ducks. He owns every issue, including all of the 'specials', as well as the different subscriber covers. Currently they take up almost one-and-a-half shelves, with back issues waiting to be added.
I've randomly selected a few issues to show here (well, some of them a favourites for me too!).

Camille Rose Garcia...
Tattoo special (with Mister Cartoon on the cover)...
Street art special issue...
Sci-fi western...
Japanese art...

08 October 2009

My new little owl friend

This morning I went to visit the lovely ladies at Panda Pearls, Travels with My Aunt and Sivad Designs (as featured in my Brisbane city guide on Design*Sponge).

I couldn't resist the gorgeous framed owl fabric from the Sivad Designs range (and Helen did a wonderful job with the wrapping too!).
He looks right at home on my SunnyLife organic table runner, next to the white concrete frame (currently featuring Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti) and the vintage red dish and tea cup that once belonged to John's nan.
Isn't he cute?!

07 October 2009

Old books

I decided that the top of our low bookshelf in the living area looked a bit bare, so I dragged out some old books from the garage. All of these are between 45 and 65 years old, and belonged to my mother and grandmother.