25 July 2009

Aloha from... Brisbane

Today I finally made it all the way to Ikea. I have a love hate relationship with that place for reasons I won't go into. Anyhow, I stocked up on a range of things I 'needed' - magazine boxes, picture frames, etc.

The frames are now showcasing a selection of reproduction vintage postcards, brought back by my lovely friend all the way from Hawaii. Lots of pretty girls with ample bosoms playing ukuleles under palm trees. I've placed them in the hall next to the bathroom, so they can be seen from the living room when I'm watching TV.


23 July 2009

A few of my favourite things...

I thought I would show off a few of the things around my home that I love (especially the little trinkets that are hard to show off in my other room shots!).

The vintage Artin flip alarm clock arrived in the post yesterday, and now sits amongst the little things on my bedside drawers.
This is a gorgeous little drawing by my lovely friend Fiona Lee (www.bonsaifoi.com) - it's her with her two kitties Vadar and Numchuk. It's currently in the hall next to the bathroom.
I found this pinboard a couple of months ago at KMart for only $20 - I love the ornate frame. It hangs just inside the doorway of our office/second bedroom.This damask lamp was a housewarming gift from a good friend when we moved into a new rental property a few years ago. It's now followed us to our own home, and creates a lovely warmth in the living room. The damask box sitting just behind it comes from KMart.This little guy is Reddy, a handmade little treasure from Woollyhoodwinks. He was another gift from the same friend, and made his way in a suitcase from New York all the way to Brisbane.
This is Enid, a foot-tall figurine of the Ghost World comic book character. I bought her as a birthday gift for John about five years ago. She sits on the bottom shelf in one of our living room bookcases.And, finally, another new addition. This little ceramic tile, a birthday gift, was made by Brisbane artist Mel Robson. I haven't yet decided where its permanent home will be.

11 July 2009

Kitchen: Accessories

My most prized kitchen possession is the c.1957 mint green Sunbeam mixmaster given to me by John's grandmother - it graces the spot above my cooking books, and is placed so it can be seen from the living areas. On the shelf directly under the cooking books are teapots and tiki mugs (one recently bought by a friend on a visit to Hawaii).
Other accessories include a new charcoal retro-looking toaster (Breville), black capsule canister (Typhoon), spice rack (Maxwell and Williams), cement mortar and pestle (Loot) and red Modern Living knife block (Target). The oil pourer next to the knife block was a $5 find from Lifeline today (Gary Rhodes for Typhoon).
The dinner set (a gift from my sister last Christmas) is from Living by Deborah Hutton.


There isn't much point in having 'before' kitchen pictures, as the only thing we've done is paint the one beige wall (to match the rest of the unit) and add some white timber venetian blinds (custom made by Spotlight).Thankfully when we bought the unit it had a kitchen that was only about three years' old - new fan-forced oven and stovetop, white laminate cupboards, dark blue laminate benches, grey and white lino, and a HUGE pantry (to the left of the stove).Although it's not a massive kitchen, it does the job.

07 July 2009

Moonmum giveaway

Ooooooh, I'm hoping to win these cute little robots to put in my office. But the rest of you might as well enter as well... and then if you win give them to me! It is my birthday after all...

05 July 2009

Bedroom: Accessories

In the main bedroom, we decided to continue with the same colour scheme as the living areas (red, black and white accessories).

Behind the right-hand side of the bed is a removable Cherry Blossom Birds decal (Stickee).
On top of the drawers on the left of the bed is an old gift box from Peter Alexander, a red fabric-covered notebook (Lantern Paper), a bone china Mini Bird Feeder bowl to hold all of my rings (Have You Met Miss Jones?), a carved jewellery box (Oxfam) and an old drawing of me by Fiona Lee (www.bonsaifoi.com).Under the side table in the reading area are a couple of old suitcases. The red one is from my childhood and holds all of the paintings and drawings I did as a child. The blue one is a recent find from Lifeline, and holds all of my home decorating magazines (mainly Real Living, Inside-Out and Home Beautiful).

On top of the table is a cute little retro flip calendar (eBay), and some more recent bone china purchases from Have You Met Miss Jones? - a small button dish and a milk bottle. The picture hanging above the side table was ripped out of an old design magazine, and the frame is an old Ikea one we had laying around (now painted red).

Finally, on the chest of drawers is one of my favourite things - the bird image is an invite to a friend's wedding, which I have placed in a white cement frame (Reverse Garbage). The red Pantone storage canister (Typhoon) hides all of my button badges.

Bedroom: After

There were two main things we wanted to do in the bedroom: get rid of the beige walls so we had a paint that actually matched the carpet, and find a clever way to fill up the space so it didn't look empty. As a two-bedroom unit, it made sense for such a large space to be multi-functional and not wasted.

The walls were painted in Dulux Image Tone Quarter, the same as the rest of the unit. We wanted a black-and-white theme for the bed, and found quilt covers in the most unlikely places - Big W and Spotlight (shown in the pics). We bought two white Malm two-drawer chests as bedside tables for extra storage (Ikea). The lamps are also from Ikea - a Lersta floor lamp, and a table lamp (no longer in production).To make use of the rest of the space, we decided to add a reading chair and lamp on the right as you walk into the space. After much searching, we decided on an Italian leather replica Barcelona chair (eBay), combined with a Lersta floor lamp and a Lack side table (Ikea). The grey throw rug is just a cheap one from KMart. The chest of drawers next to the chair is our old furniture with white handles instead of red. The two long mirrors (Target) will eventually move to the inside of the cupboard doors.

Bedroom: Before

The first thing we noticed when we stepped into the main bedroom was that, like the living room, it was HUGE. Even with a queen bed in there, it was clear that there was going to be a lot of space to fill. The bedroom also had a large balcony with huge sliding doors, the same as in the living room.

When we had our building inspection, the bedroom was absolutely filthy from the tenants who were in the process of moving out (complete with a big dirty stain on the rear wall). Thankfully, it had huge built-in cupboards to house all of our clothes (and all of John's shoes!).

When we moved in, not a lot of our stuff really matched anything in the bedroom - and I suppose it was quite a big ask to expect things to complement dark blue carpet AND beige walls and blinds. The bed frame was something we could work with, but not much else.

It was more than a year before we managed to paint the bedroom, so we did our best with what we had. One thing we did add was a small Flokati rug at the foot of the bed to fill in the large space a little.

'After' pics of the bedroom coming later today!

01 July 2009

Aussie Handmade Giveaway

I've just become aware of a fabulous website: http://www.aussie-handmade-giveaway.com. They regularly give away some great handmade items.

Currently on offer is a pair of plates from the Anatomical Series of Art Decadence (Chrisy). http://www.aussie-handmade-giveaway.com/art-decadence-giveaway