05 July 2009

Bedroom: Before

The first thing we noticed when we stepped into the main bedroom was that, like the living room, it was HUGE. Even with a queen bed in there, it was clear that there was going to be a lot of space to fill. The bedroom also had a large balcony with huge sliding doors, the same as in the living room.

When we had our building inspection, the bedroom was absolutely filthy from the tenants who were in the process of moving out (complete with a big dirty stain on the rear wall). Thankfully, it had huge built-in cupboards to house all of our clothes (and all of John's shoes!).

When we moved in, not a lot of our stuff really matched anything in the bedroom - and I suppose it was quite a big ask to expect things to complement dark blue carpet AND beige walls and blinds. The bed frame was something we could work with, but not much else.

It was more than a year before we managed to paint the bedroom, so we did our best with what we had. One thing we did add was a small Flokati rug at the foot of the bed to fill in the large space a little.

'After' pics of the bedroom coming later today!

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