11 July 2009

Kitchen: Accessories

My most prized kitchen possession is the c.1957 mint green Sunbeam mixmaster given to me by John's grandmother - it graces the spot above my cooking books, and is placed so it can be seen from the living areas. On the shelf directly under the cooking books are teapots and tiki mugs (one recently bought by a friend on a visit to Hawaii).
Other accessories include a new charcoal retro-looking toaster (Breville), black capsule canister (Typhoon), spice rack (Maxwell and Williams), cement mortar and pestle (Loot) and red Modern Living knife block (Target). The oil pourer next to the knife block was a $5 find from Lifeline today (Gary Rhodes for Typhoon).
The dinner set (a gift from my sister last Christmas) is from Living by Deborah Hutton.


  1. An authentic 50s mint green Sunbeam mixmaster? I'm green! Mint green!!

  2. Yep, it's hard to believe! It had apparently been sitting unused in a cupboard for many years, because my fiance's grandma prefers to beat everything by hand!

    Thanks for stopping by - I see you work in publishing too!


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