28 June 2011

Making sewing plans

Remember my first sewing project of a skirt with Thea and Sami pockets almost a year ago?

Well, for some time I'm been planning to make another one. I figure I should get a much nicer end result now that I've made this pattern a few times! This time, I'm going to have one pocket instead of two, and the pocket fabric will this time be Thea's 'Marguerite' design on black linen (a big thanks to Thea for the lovely sample that was in my ABCD goodie bag!).

For many months now, the pattern pieces have been cut and waiting to be assembled. Alas, when I went to sew them all together (back in March, I think), my machine was not cooperating, so there was nothing to do except buy a new one!

Of course, I've since gotten myself extremely sidetracked, what with a new job and studying and holidaying, so I still haven't made my skirt. Sometime soon, I will get there.

19 June 2011

Office plans

Our second bedroom serves as both an office/art studio for John, as well as a spare bedroom for guests. As both our families live outside of Brisbane, we need to have a bed available for visits, and the current solution of the futon sofa bed has long outstayed its welcome. Although I've managed to improve the look of the hideous mattress by hiding it inside a quilt cover, it's not the most comfortable option for sleeping.

After considering the options, including a double bed, sofa bed or new futon, we've decided that the best solution for us is an ottoman sofa bed with an innerspring mattress. That way, the sofa won't take up much room, but it can be converted into a comfortable double bed when needed. We're currently narrowing down fabric options from the Wortley and Warwick ranges, and are leaning towards a dark charcoal or grey. Originally I was planning on stripes or something with a little bit of visual interest, but the samples we have look to 'busy' against the carpet. I'll have to add interest with cushions instead!

The next step will be to remove the tiered desk in the corner for something a little more understated (like a simple white desk) so John has more room for his drafting table (which is currently squished in to the right of the desk).

Has anyone out there got a sofabed ottoman (or slept on one)? I'd love to hear your opinion of them.

06 June 2011


Hello my dear (neglected) readers. I haven't disappeared off the face of the planet. I have been settling in nicely at my new job, so much so that I am no longer asleep on the couch at 8.00 on a Friday night! Therefore, rather than sitting on the nerd box all weekend, I took the opportunity to spend some time catching up with some wonderful old friends and colleagues, many of whom I hadn't seen in a long time. This little furry friend was also there...

This coming long weekend will also be one of relaxation, when I head with my family (sans husband) to Coffs Harbour to pop in and visit my grandparents. I intend to spend my time sitting in the sun catching up on my growing pile of unread magazines.

Until my return, here's a little taster of what's been going on in the Flying Ducks house lately. The office pinboard is still updated on a regular basis (except for a few things that seem to remain there every time I change it!). This is its current incarnation.