28 June 2011

Making sewing plans

Remember my first sewing project of a skirt with Thea and Sami pockets almost a year ago?

Well, for some time I'm been planning to make another one. I figure I should get a much nicer end result now that I've made this pattern a few times! This time, I'm going to have one pocket instead of two, and the pocket fabric will this time be Thea's 'Marguerite' design on black linen (a big thanks to Thea for the lovely sample that was in my ABCD goodie bag!).

For many months now, the pattern pieces have been cut and waiting to be assembled. Alas, when I went to sew them all together (back in March, I think), my machine was not cooperating, so there was nothing to do except buy a new one!

Of course, I've since gotten myself extremely sidetracked, what with a new job and studying and holidaying, so I still haven't made my skirt. Sometime soon, I will get there.


  1. You got the nicest fabric from those bags so hope to see it put to good use. Are you planning to go to the next ABCD? x

  2. I'm thinking a 'stitch n bitch' Brisbane chapter (not sure if one exists, but happy to make one!) is in order? A group of gals being crafty over some scones and tea (or wine and cheese!) any chance you'd be interested?

  3. I cannot wait to see it! You are much more dedicated than I am. I have got as far as buying a pattern and fabric and then...

    I love the Thea & Sami patterns too.

  4. hopefully you have some spare time to do the things you really love, don't you hate it when life gets in the way ;)

  5. I was thinking about getting a basic sewing machine too. Spotlight is having a Brother sewing machine for $148, btw. I might get that one.