31 October 2009

The Finders Keepers markets

Today John and I visited the first ever Finders Keepers markets in Brisbane. So much to see and so much to buy!
I went with only $100 in my purse (as I knew it would be far to dangerous to take any more than that) with the primary aim of buying Christmas presents for friends. I succeeded, of course, but I can't tell you what I bought, since several of the gift recipients are readers of this blog.

I also got some hair clips for myself, a housewarming gift, and a nice little present for Bonsai Foi/Ms Fiona Lee/Mrs Fiona Taylor, who celebrates getting another year older tomorrow. Happy birthday Bonsai - come back from Melbourne town!

If you're in Brisbane, there's still time to visit the markets tonight, and it's also on all day tomorrow.

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