19 August 2010

Back from Walsh Street House

As mentioned a little while ago, John and I managed to score tickets to an exclusive cocktail party at Robin Boyd's Walsh Street House, hosted by Outré Gallery to celebrate Shag's latest Australian exhibition. On Saturday night in Melbourne we attended said party, and it was fabulous! In addition to finally meeting Jenny Butler from Apartment Therapy, we also got to meet the artist himself and plaster our behinds all over the Featherston furniture. Here I am pondering what book I might choose to read on my Featherston chairs.

Guests were permitted to drink their mojitos whilst sitting on this furniture. Crazy, I know. Here are a couple of pieces other I admired during my three hours in the house.

Tony from the Robin Boyd Foundation took the time to explain the history of the house. It was apparently intended to be used as a party house, which means all the lovely guests dressed in their mid-century attire were indeed permitted to enjoy our surroundings (although drinks were not permitted in the upstairs living room, presumably due to the fact that the floor disappears at the room's edges and could result in some nasty drunken accidents).

Thank you to Gemma and Martin from Outré Gallery (and also Shag) for allowing us the rare opportunity to enjoy this wonderful house. Check out Shag's Dickie bird work inspired by the house. I'm strongly considering making a purchase. 
Image: Outré Gallery

For more images of the party, visit Gemma's Flickr page.


  1. Featherston chairs and mojitos - I would have died and gone to heaven! Glad you had a great time Kylie.

    I have to tell you my husband had a dream last night about buying me a Featherston chair for $100! How proud am I that he is dreaming about buying me a Featherston. That's my man!

  2. Oh wow. Looks like a fun night. Featherston heaven! The Shag work would be a very cool purchase!