04 August 2010

Sewing table: The plan!

After speaking to some knowledgeable people, I have established that my 'found' table is all pine, aside from the silky oak drawers. Therefore, I am reverting to my original plan of stripping it back and painting it, as well as raising the legs so I can actually use it as a sewing table!

I've decided to paint the bulk of the table white, and I'm leaning towards the lovely Wattyl colour 'Manhattan Snow'. I will affix wallpaper to panel across the back of the table - I finally have an excuse to use my Florence Broadhurst 'Aubrey' wallpaper given to me by Terese from designed to a T. (I'll be referring to Terese's online tutorials for tips on how best to affix the paper.) For the cupboard doors and drawer, I really like Wattyl's 'Scandinavian Grey' (although 'Summer Sky' is also lovely). I'll be raising the height of the table by about 12 centimetres by adding new pine cabriole (Queen Anne) legs at a cost of about $25 each, retaining the wings at the sides. Here's a little snapshot of all the components I hope to use.
Image: Wattyl

Image: Hammersmith Woodturners

Here's a look at my draft plan. What do you think? Would you add or change anything? I'm certainly open to suggestions!


  1. That sounds like a great plan. How lucky you are to have someone who knows what they're talking about! I know now never to give advice about wood types!! That Florence Broadhurst paper is gorgeous too.

  2. Yes, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I work in an art gallery with a particular curator who knows a lot about Queensland heritage, including furniture history.

  3. Hi Kylie,
    congrats on your furniture find. I think your plans to revamp it will result in a lovely long-lasting piece.

    That said, I hate to rain on your parade, but the uneven tabletop surface is going to make it very difficult to use as a sewing space. Take a look around at sewing tables new and old and you'll find they all have flat tops for ease of fabric handling over them.
    Of course that doesn't mean it would be impossible to use as a sewing table by any means, but the edges created by the lowered centre section will definitely be a pain whilst manoeuvring large sections of fabric.
    I know that if I was given that as a sewing table, I would end up using it as a vanity and sewing at the dining room table.

    Sorry to be a bummer, but it's something to consider.

  4. Thankfully that is something I already thought of, although yet haven't mentioned here!

    Most of the time, the table will actually be used for my laptop, as I can't see that I'll be sewing all that often. That said, the drawers are definitely going to be used to house sewing related things, and I will be using the table for the machine when I need to. I plan on getting myself another large timber cutting block to bring up the height of the centre part when I'm using the machine - I just don't want it to become a permanent part of the table. :)

  5. oh yes it's going to be fabulous..black and white is a timeless combo...i saw manhatten snow used in a decor mag and was taken by it...look forward to using it in my next space...and your florence broadhurst paper will be perfect...

  6. Kylie that sounds fantastic and what a great find. I've often driven around the streets in my area hoping to find a 'freebie', no such luck yet. Hence my foray into making things for myself.

    The wallpaper will really set it off. In chosing the colours, make sure the paint and/or the wallpaper colours don't 'throw' another colour. I.E. will the 'bluish' tinge in the paint reflect a blue in the wallpaper that's actually not there. OR the wallpaper makes your paint look different to what it actually is. If you need to, do what I do a lot of, get a paint test pot and apply the paint to say an A3 piece of cardboard, or the like, and put it against the wallpaper to see how it looks. Check it in different lights too.

    Good luck. Planning on being up soon, will let you know when I'm coming and will catch up with you at the gallery for a snack maybe. I haven't seen the new addition yet.

    Good luck with the revamp!

  7. lovely plans...how exciting to have a project! I love the colours, and the wallpaper of course!

  8. Wow, it is going to look fantastic! I'm very excited to see the finished result!