30 August 2010

Favourite Things Project: Neighbourhoods

It’s been a little while since I participated in the Being Tazim Favourite Things Project, but I do have a very good excuse — honest! I’m only going to be participating in those weeks that are very relevant to my usual blogging activities — so topics related to design, style, craft, or my local area. Last week’s topic was Favourite Neighbourhoods, so I’m going to talk a little bit about my immediate local area in Nundah, about ten kilometres north of Brisbane city.

Nundah Village, the main shopping and dining area of the suburb, is home to some fantastic cafes and restaurants, including a range of weekend breakfast dining options. A highlight is the C Word, our local bagel shop, and the old building that is home to the Royal English Hotel — a classic British pub right in the heart of my suburb. I highly recommend the lamb shanks.

Images: Our Brisbane

Nundah Village is also home to some cute and quirky shops, including Panda Pearls, Sivad Designs and Travels with My Aunt — three business that share a gorgeous store on Buckland Road. The ladies of the store host a regular Sidewalk Sale, which is an event I look forward to. You can easily lose yourself for a few hours looking at all of their wonderful vintage wares, as well as admiring Helen’s fabric wall art (of which I have a small piece myself).

Images: Sivad Designs

Nundah is also home to some rather entertaining ‘street art’ around the area of the train station.

Images: Jen 64, Flickr

What do you think of my suburb? I love it because it's just a little bit strange!


  1. I love the painting on the buildings - quirky and fun! :)

  2. I updated the list for the next several weeks - hopefully you will like the topics, I made them art/design related! I was taking people's suggestions, but didn't actually like the topics, so I changed them. :)

  3. Love your neighbourhood! Thanks for sharing the pics. I haven't been to Brisbane in years. My husband is from Melbourne so whenever we visit family we don't seem to get out of Victoria. I love Australia.

  4. Nundah is the bomb, I lived and worked there for 10 years. It sure has changed a lot since I was last there. All for the better. There used to be a good little coffee shop right near the train station, is it still there?


  5. You're probably talking about Espresso Train - the coffee shop run by the community centre to give jobs to disadvantaged people. Yep, it's still there - and this week it's closing for a little while for kitchen renovations, so they're going great!

    Word is that we're getting an organic wholefoods supermarket very soon, too.

  6. That's the one! Does the lady with lots of boobage still do the coffee? They used to have really nice salads, from memory!

    Glad to hear it is still there.