29 August 2010

Back on the internet!

I'm back! My week of no internet was thankfully not too painful (well, just a little). The great news is that by Friday I'd raised $1000 for Plan Australia's Pakistan flood appeal, which is amazing. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed - the fundraising page will stay up for as long as people still wish to donate.

Some more good news is that I was quite productive on my week away from cyberspace. To distract myself on election weekend, I decided to try my hand at making another skirt. I used the made pattern using a navy fabric with white spots, but omitted the pockets and added a nice big button for interest. It's zip isn't perfect and neither is the waistband on the inside, but no-one can see the inside, right?!

This weekend I went to Lincraft with the intention of buying this New Look pattern for a two-hour easy top, and I planned to make the purple design in a textured black fabric with the addition of a cluster of lime green buttons near the neckline. 

They didn't have that pattern, or my back-up option, so I chose another less-appealing one. Unfortunately, after the fabric had been cut I realised that the pattern was for knit fabrics only, so I had to make something else instead. Something like... another skirt! I'd been wanting the make the skirt pattern one size larger to see the difference - the other ones have fitted fine, but they are a little snug after a large meal! 

I decided to use some of the vintage fabric I got as part of my BrisStyle raffle prize. The fabric is extremely thin, so I really struggled to get the waistband on without it bunching up (even with the interfacing). After several attempts and many hours of unpicking, I finally got it done (again, it's imperfect on the inside). The really great news with this one is that I was unsatisfied with the zip, so painstakingly unpicked to try and get it right - and now, but my standards, the zip looks PERFECT! So, as frustrating as my sewing journey is at times, I am making progress.

I have some nice grey fabric to tackle next - maybe a simple dress if I can get hold of the pattern!

I didn't get a chance to start working on my sewing table during the week, as I had lots of study to catch up on. But hopefully I'll move on to that soon!


  1. Looking good Timmins, but we need CLOSEUPS!

    So the third one you made is all black with a contrast waistband? Congrats on finally getting that zipper down!

  2. If I show closeups you can see the flaws! :P

    Yet, it's a textured black fabric with lines through it with a contrast vintage floral waistband. I really quite like how the green looks against the black.

  3. They're looking awesome - but I'm with Shilo - closeups please! I want to look at that great looking contrast waistband, and the cool button! Pretty please?

    I reckon go for a simple sheath dress to begin. Super easy and really cute. Also - sometimes the patterns rated 'easy' are not easy. Have you checked out patternreview.com ? I check how each pattern I want is reviewed there before buying. Plus it is a kinda cool way to find new patterns to lust over.

  4. Ok ok, I'll take some closeups during the week.

    Thanks for the link - I will definitely check that out! I've found a very simple New Look dress I might try out...