18 July 2010

Thanks BrisStyle Indie Eco Market!

Many of you know already that I've been having a bizarre never-ending winning streak of late. I've managed to score a whole heap of great stuff from fellow bloggers around the world, particularly some very clever local crafters.

The icing on the cake came last weekend, when I won one of the raffle baskets at the BrisStyle Indie Eco Market at Hamilton! The proceeds raised went to a fabulous cause - Knitting for Brisbane's Needy. I found my prize sitting on the doorstep this morning (I think it has been there since Friday - oops!), and it was packed full of great eco wares - many of which I'd had my eye on! Some of the contributions included those from Beckybean, Jetta's Nest, Wicked Child Designs, Kim Wallace (Udessi), Wimcee, Renee Treml, Denim Days, and many many more! I'll be sharing the spoils with my best friend, who also bought raffle tickets on the day. Here's a peek at what was included!

I also want to pay public thanks to the other great people who've sent awesomeness my way recently. There's more on the way (yep, crazy but true), but so far I've received beautiful stuff from:

Wind and Water Designs
Calico & Co.
Being Tazim

Please stop by the websites of these fantastic people and check out their wares. I'm not sure whether my winning streak has come to an end yet, but I've bought a lottery ticket just in case...


  1. Good karma baby! Because you are so giving. Congrats.

  2. Hey Kylie,

    You may want to watch this video....



  3. Well, the lottery ticket didn't work, but I'm still winning stuff it seems!

    Pretty soon people are going to think I trawl the internet for competitions. Let me assure you all that I have a full-time job!

  4. Oh well maybe you can send your "winning vibes" to me after...No?Oh!:)!!Enjoy!

  5. Hey, at this point I'm happy to share - I feel like a guilty prize pig (even though I am not a serial competition enterer!).