04 July 2010

Baked rice pudding: win!

Yesterday afternoon when I returned home from reading magazines in the local park, a little voice in my head told me to make a rice pudding. I wasn't much of a fan of rice pudding as a child, but for some reason I really wanted some yesterday. And I didn't want any old sloppy rice pudding, but the baked kind with eggs in it that sets like a baked custard. I searched the internet for the easiest baked rice pudding recipe, and I succeeded!
My baked rice pudding was absolutely delicious, and was everything I hoped it would be. I intend to make it at least once more before winter draws to a close. I served very generous portions with warm blueberries, and will be partaking in the leftovers after dinner tonight. Or perhaps FOR dinner tonight...

1 comment:

  1. That looks SO good! I haven't had rice pudding for ages, will have to make some now after seeing yours. Yum!