25 July 2010

Lantern Books Comfort Food Challenge

Over the past eight weeks, Lanterns Books (an imprint of Penguin Books responsible for some fantastic cooking and lifestyle titles) has been running their Comfort Food Challenge with Master Chef judge Gary Mehigan. Each Friday, members of the Lantern Facebook group are told the ingredient for the week, and participants have until Monday to submit a photo of their entry.

Two weeks ago, I entered the lamb challenge with my delicious pie accompanied by organic brussel sprouts. Yummo! Since I've been practising my photography by taking photos of food, I figured it couldn't hurt to send in one of my images. Vegetarians, look away now...

In yet another example of me winning competitions left, right and centre, I was victorious! As the winner of week 6, I will receive a signed copy of Gary's Comfort Food book, and I also have to participate in the semi finals, which are taking place this weekend. Semi-finalists were split into two groups, and my group has to cook Gary's Tuscan beef and black pepper stew. I decided to deviate from the recipe a little and pop the whole lot in the slow cooker. I have my nanna's old orange GE one, and I figure there's no better comfort food than a stew made in your nanna's old crock pot. I'll upload an image of the results once I've submitted my entry tonight.

If I win the semi finals, I'll receive a whole stack of Lantern cookbooks, and the major prize is a trip to Melbourne to eat with Gary in his Fenix restaurant. If I don't win the semi finals, maybe I'll buy myself a copy of this Margaret Fulton gem.


  1. Well done - it looks really yummy. I've been eating a few Brussel sprout dishes recently (not cooking them myself but ordering them in restaurants).

    Good luck for the semi-finals!

  2. Damn girl, you just keep up winning and get that free trip!

  3. P.S. those brussel sprouts look INCREDIBLE.

  4. You clever thing! That pie looks amazing as do the brussel sprouts. I hope you win.xx

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  6. How exciting...The food/photo looks great. Good luck in the finals.