31 July 2010

Red stuff!

A little while ago I signed up to the Color Me Happy swap over at the Love and Happiness blog. I submitted my address and my favourite colour, and then waited patiently to see who I would be swapping presents with around the world. I ended up being paired with someone quite close to home (sort of) - Elissa from Cerebral Excrement in Perth. And, the best news was that Elissa was coming to Brisbane for an exam, so we could swap gifts in person. Today I met the lovely Elissa and her equally lovely sister Kirsty over high tea at the Shingle Inn.

Elissa's favourite colour is blue, so she got three items from local crafters - a plaster ampersand (painted blue) from my lovely friend Emily at Kuber, a recycled knitting needle bangle from Liana Kabel, and a little frame with some Florence Broadhurst Aubrey wallpaper (made by me).
Image: Kuber

Image: Liana Kabel

In return, I got an INCREDIBLE selection of red goodies all the way from Perth. Check out the packaging details!

My red box contained some cards...

...some hair accessories...

...a roll of twine...


...a magnet...


...a polaroid taken by Elissa...

...this patriotic little dude...

...a beautiful scarf (which I'd be wearing right now if it wasn't unseasonably hot today!)...

...and this pretty card (which has a little red bird!).

Phew! Thanks so much to Elissa for all my little red treasures (and for meeting an internet person on the other side of the country!). I hope to visit you in Perth one day. 


  1. Wow what a great box choc full of inspirational red things!!What a great idea this is, cheers Katherine

  2. Yippee!

    It was so much fun. I hope you get to visit me in Perth some time.

    As soon as I've caught up on my sleep I will post about the swap too.

    I was up until 5am the night before we met (still anxious about my exam), which is why I sort of zoned out halfway through high tea!

  3. wow, what a lovely idea - I love it !
    Looks like you got a great box of goodies !!

  4. £òóƙ αʈ ʈɧįʂ: rlu.ru/bLC :*)

    1. Sòɼɼƴ, ɳòʈ ʈɧαʈ αɗɗɼɛʂʂ.
      Ʈɧįʂ įʂ α ƿɼòóƒ ƒòɼ ʂʋɼɛ: my.mail.ru/list/ppgirls/photo?album_id=red3