15 July 2010

New project: Chair ladder restoration, and possible new sewing table!

Last weekend my friend and I visited the BrisStyle Indie Eco Markets in Hamilton (where I won one of the incredible raffle prizes - yay!) and before we went home for cheese and wine birthday celebrations, we stopped off to see Katherine from The Old Boathouse. Katherine had been holding this great chair for me (the one on the right).

Image: The Old Boathouse

What's that, it doesn't look that great? Well, behold, the converting step ladder chair!
 Image: The Old Boathouse

As the clumsiest person on the face of the earth (known to fall off benches after getting my pyjama pants caught on the door handle), this ladder will be MUCH more useful than my current two-step cheap version from Bunnings. I intend to sand it back and paint it white.

As I'm starting sewing lessons on Monday, I'm also considering getting a small white desk to replace my laptop table in the corner of the dining room. If I do, perhaps I'll sew a cushion for my chair ladder and use that at the desk. I'm thinking a red and white striped cushion would be cute. Here are some of the small desks I've been considering.

Images: Ikea, Officeworks and Ebay

Which one do you all like best as a dual-use laptop and sewing table?


  1. Ooh hard choice, I do like the last one because it has the little shelves and this would be handy for storing sewing bits and bobs or as a cute display area, but the second last one is very sleek, and looks very sturdy for holding a machine etc. Can't wait to see your revamped ladder chair, thanks so much again , cheers katherine

  2. I like the first and the third desk because of the extra drawer space, which is handy for bits and bobs, and you could even possibly store your laptop IN one of the drawers when you're using it for sewing(depending on the size of your laptop obviously!). The chair looks cool and quirky, love it! Red & white stripes would be awesome in your apartment OR check this out - http://www.kelanifabric.com.au/index.php?PCID=9803&CDO=0 - I like the Papercut Blooms by Shannan Lamden in Raspberry, but theres HEAPS of gorgeous fabrics on this site... I spend hours browsing (and buying little bits here and there haha)

  3. I found you via Thea, Congratulation on winning the raffle!!Oh so hard fitting everything on one table is it!!

  4. My favourite is the first desk - sleek and funky and not too chunky. And that ladder chair is very cool - it should look great with a coat of paint.x

  5. Thanks everyone for your input!

    Unfortunately I measured the space last night, and the first desk (which is my favourite) is too big. John prefers one with extra storage or shelves in any case, but we'll continue to hunt around and see what's out there!

  6. I like the last one. But whichever one you get, I can guarantee it won't be big enough.

    Plus, how close is your work area to an ironing area? I've never done so much ironing since I started sewing. Press, press, flatten those seams, interfacing to add, fusible wadding, fusible vliesoflix bonding, etc....

  7. Hey Allison!

    The good news is that the desk will be right by my dining table (which is huge), so I'll use that for cutting fabrics etc. The ironing area is very close by in the bathroom, so that's no big deal either. The desk will mainly be for my laptop, as well as a space to put the machine when I actually need to sew - then the machine will be packed away in the garage. It's pretty much the only place I can put a sewing table short of converting the back half of the garage (costly as we need to get electricity wired in). John uses the office currently as a sculpting studio, so no room in there!

    Thankfully I'm planning off stating with the small stuff - cushions and things like that. No curtains or anything huge!

  8. I'm impressed by all the lessons you are taking... driving, sewing, screen-printing... watch out world!

  9. Don't forget the hula hoop classes!

  10. My gosh I love that chair, I love space saving surprise designs like that!

    Personally I prefer the first table, I like to wheel around on my chair so hate desks that have shelves etc underneath. The draws are soo cute too, perfect for crafty bits and bobs.

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