03 July 2010

Favourite Things Project

As if I don't have enough to do, I've decided to participate in the Favourite Things Project being run by Tazim (from the Being Tazim blog).
I may not participate in all 52 weeks, but I'll do as many as I can. For the first week, Tazim has asked participants to talk about iconic things they love about their country or city. So, I'll talk about two things I love about Brisbane.

Firstly, the Brisbane River. I'm not sure why, but I really enjoy walking over the river across a bridge, or taking the bus and looking out the window. I'm super excited that I'm taking a CityCat out to lunch tomorrow to celebrate my birthday early with John's parents. Since I've lived in Brisbane, three new bridges have been built in the city over the river (one of them even opens this weekend!). As I don't yet drive, I'll show you the my favourite pedestrian bridge - Kurilpa Bridge, which I walk over twice a day because it ends up right outside my work.

Images: The Architectural Review

The other thing I love about Brisbane is the growing trend towards to handmade, particularly all the fantastic markets. We now even even host the Finders Keepers Markets twice a year, which used to only be presented in Sydney and Melbourne. These markets are held in the Old Museum, which is a beautiful building to visit.

Images: Mark Lobo for Finders Keepers

Image: Ralf Regeer for Our Brisbane

The trend towards crafting does not end with markets. The start of winter also meant the launch of the I Knit Brisbane, which saw knitted and crocheted creations pop up all over the city. Here are some creations from Rogue Cosie and friends, at the end of the Goodwill Bridge (another pedestrian bridge).
Image: Rogue Cosie

If you'd like to participate in the Favourite Things Project, sign up at Being Tazim! To find out more about cool stuff in Brisbane, check out my Brisbane city guide on the Design*Sponge website.


  1. now i love Brisbane, thank you for the tour,
    greetings from spain

  2. It would be a fun place to visit!
    I wish we had more handmade craft markets. It is a growing trend that I hope continues.
    Thank you for showing us some of the great things about Brisbane.

  3. What beautiful pictures! It seems like it would be a great place to visit.

    Stopping by from Tazim's Link up.

  4. Absolutely loved your Brisbane guide for Design*sponge - and love these pictures as well. :) Thanks so much for participating in the project this week! :D

  5. hello bumble bee!
    your blog is so lovely to look at!
    thankyou for sharing all the pretty pictures!
    <3 x x