27 July 2010

Sewing projects ahoy!

On Monday last week, my best friend and I started a four-week evening sewing course. We started off learning the basics of threads, patterns and different accessories before advancing to sewing with our machines on paper. Last night, we advanced even further to darts and elastics. The ultimate goal is that in the last week we’ll use the skills that we’ve learned to make something that includes either zips, elastic, buttonholes or darts.
As first, my only aim was to be able to sew my own cushion covers. Now I realise that I was not very ambitious with that goal at all, so I’ve decided to take advantage of the fact that I will have someone there to help me and make a piece of clothing (which will also help with my Ethical Clothing Pledge!). I’d love to make a dress, but as I have a cupboard full of those I’d much rather make my own skirt! My lovely friend Shilo has been sending me links to heaps of amazing patterns, and I can’t stop looking at this one.

Image: McCall's

I’m thinking option A is the way to go. As much as I’ve love the pleated version, I’m going to start a little simpler and use a plain black cotton–linen blend with a contrast waist band at the bottom. On the way to me in the post today is a fabric pack that I ordered from Thea & Sami, and I’m thinking the bottom Fretwork pattern will look gorgeous as the contrast. Now I just have to hope that I’ll have enough! I suppose there’s nothing stopping me from decreasing the width of the band and having more plain fabric, but we’ll see.

I think the top Marguerite pattern will make great pockets on a dress or skirt — what do you think? Pretty soon I might also be ready to tackle that Florence Broadhurst fabric!
Image: Thea & Sami


  1. Setting yourself challenges is good. And you're right, you should take advantage of professional help that you are paying for. I look forward to seeing the finished projects. x

  2. Good luck Kylie, sounds like fun. I like the 'A' pattern best too.

  3. That fretwork fabric is gorgeous. It'll make a beautiful border for your skirt.

  4. Oh yes the perfect fabric choice :), I have been on sewing skirt challenge too lately but I would benefit greatly from some short sewing courses too, have fun!

  5. That sounds pretty exciting! Keep us posted with photos.

    Lovely to meet you last Saturday. I am still catching up with everything and will post some photos this weekend.