16 March 2010

Rearranged office space

It dawned on me not long after we bought our new Kartell Componbilli unit that we didn't really have anywhere to put it. John declared that he'd like it in the office (as he spends a lot of time in there sculpting and drawing), and I agreed.

There was no way the unit would fit in the office as is, so this morning I decided to see whether putting the desk against the window would work. Thankfully, it did work, so now we have our second lovely Kartell piece in the office to help John with organising his art stuff. Here is a peek at how the office looks now.

A few weeks ago I also decided to print out the 'favour-of-the-month' poster that was being uploaded to blogs all over the world, because it just seemed fitting that John should keep it nearby when he's working on his art. 

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  1. Also, with all the building going on the last 5 or so years, I've been very much overwhelmed at the changing cityscape, but has the bulk of the new building been residential?