13 March 2010

New purchases from last weekend

Although our trip to the Gold Coast didn't go entirely as planned (with one of the ladies unable to come due to a dental emergency), it was still fabulous, with another friend filling in for a day.

In addition to the great food, bluebottle stings and creepy apartment manager, there was our visit to Found Furniture at Palm Beach. This place is amazing, and I wanted to buy every piece of furniture in the place. The Arco lamp. The red Eames rockers. The sideboards. Everything was stunning, and everything was to my taste. Alas, I knew what kind of discussion would ensue if I brought ANY furniture home, so I decided to compromise with some cushions. Big, fat white and red ones.

They are incredibly beautiful, and incredibly comfortable. I love them to death.

Our trip is going to be rescheduled hopefully for sometime in late April or early May - after I get this wedding business out of the way! I will definitely be returning to Found, and maybe I'll just find the courage to check the price tag on that Arco lamp. How I'll get it home I have now idea...


  1. I love Found too, I used to go in there regularly when I lived on the southern end of the Gold Coast.

  2. Hi Julie. Found is great, isn't it? I could have spent many hours in there!

    I just checked out your blog - it's gorgeous!