23 March 2010

Wedding rings

Yesterday John's wedding ring finally arrived, all the way from Portland in the United States! Lindsay Jo Holmes from MapleXO specialises in making jewellery from recycled skateboards. As neither John or myself are into the traditional gold and diamonds, we had a challenge on our hands to find something suitable for the both of us. After some research we discovered Lindsay's work, and decided that her Boyfriend Ring would be perfect for John.

Lindsay worked with us via email to choose the colours and finish that we wanted, and this is the result.

Lindsay was also kind enough to send me one of her recycled skateboard bangles, which I love to death.

This Saturday John is collecting my own wedding band, created for us by the lovely David and Heidi Phillips at Bentley De Lisle. Until I can show pictures of that, here are some pictures of my custom-made engagement ring, which we commissioned from local designer Eliza Tee.


  1. I love it. The "diamond" ring is great, that would blow anybody's bling out of the water! So is John's ring made from silver?

  2. Yep, John's ring is recycled silver, with the cross-section of the skateboard piece set into the top. The silver has a matte finish, and looks AMAZING.

  3. Your ring is so clever Kylie- I love it!

    John's ring is great too, look forward to seeing your wedding band.

  4. Love that diamond ring! It's wonderful!