31 March 2010

More wedding rings

On the weekend while I was visiting my family in Bundaberg John collected my wedding ring. It was designed and made by David Phillips at Bentley De Lisle in Brisbane.

My original engagement ring from John was not actually the silver 'diamond' designed by Eliza Tee seen here, but a porcelain Kiss X ring by Danish designer Anne Black. Being a very clumsy person, I knew it wouldn't take long for me to break it, so I opted for a silver design as well.
For my wedding ring, I wanted to have something inspired by Anne's design, so I asked David to make me a silver band with the 'x' symbol printed all the way around.

My mum has made a lovely ring cushion for the ceremony (inspired by the design of my wedding dress), which will be carried by my sister.


  1. UH uh.. BDL is down the road from where I work. One of my workmates does all her jewelery works (repair, etc) with them and can't rave enough. I love the ring!! :D

  2. Love the porcelain version of the ring! But, I'd choose silver for durability reason.

  3. Well lucky me, because now I have both!