17 April 2010

Beautiful wedding gifts

Apologies for the hiatus - I was off getting hitched. :)

In addition to the charity donations, honeymoon contributions and gift cards we received for our wedding, we also received some very special gifts. I am still in awe at some of them, as they show just how much thought our friends put into giving us something that we'd truly love now and into the future.

My best friend Rebecca bought us this absolutely stunning Dinosaur Designs vase. It's the perfect colour for us, and I think I've found it a home where I'm not likely to knock it over (I hope!). 

Our friends Angelina and Michael got us this Alessi Firenze clock, designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. The Castiglioni brothers designed the Arco lamp that I want so badly. Even though I know I'll never afford a real one (only a replica), at least now I can say that we own a Castiglioni clock!

The lovely Terese at designed to a T knows how much I love Florence Broadhurst designs, and she made us some wall panels using the red Circles and Squares wallpaper design. My jaw almost hit the floor when I opened this gift! I've placed the panels above our reading chair in the bedroom.

Another gift that has made it's way into the bedroom is from Fiona and Ryan at Studio Pounce. They went and bought us a limited-edition Maiden Voyage pillowcase set designed by Sarajo Frieden from Third Drawer Down. Purdy.

And, finally, we got some very stylish gifts for the kitchen as well. The Maxwell & Williams casserole dish is from our neighbours, Merv and Margaret. The very cool (and very sharp) Tramontina knife block was bought by my sister Kristy, her fiance Jason, and Jason's mother Iris.


  1. Hey Kylie I'd left the internet onto your page after checking out your wedding gifts yesterday and Nick sat down to use the net and goes 'What the .... is My Flying Ducks' and then answered his own question with 'Oh that's the interior decorator's site. I thought you might be chuffed to be called that :)

  2. Tell Nick he is absolutely correct, and I accecpt my title as 'the' interior decorator. :)

  3. Glad you like the panels Kylie, and thanks for the card. So happy the day went well for you and John. All the best.

  4. oh im so crazy in love with 3rd drawer down and i wanted the seascape pillows so bad... be have the 'all you need' ones (or atleast i think thats what they are called?). im thinking i might just have to start to collect the tea towels cause im so sad that the few i have are looking a bit shabby now when they should be hanging on a wall somewhere!

    i just found your blog through olive + joy and i will come back again - its great!

  5. Hi Rowe

    Thanks for your lovely comments! I'll be stopping by your blog for a look around ASAP!

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