28 April 2010

Selling my bikes :(

I know that selling my wares is totally not the intention of this blog (apologies in advance!), but I figured it may help my to find new owners who will love these bikes (particularly the first one) as much as I have. Both of these are regretful sales, and it's taken me a long time to finally decide to sell.

The first is the 2006 Giant Areva 24-inch ladies 7-speed cruiser. I love this bike to death. It's been kept indoors for its entire life, so the paintwork is excellent. The tyres have to be seen to be believed, and the seat is SUPER comfy. The frame is alloy, so it's very sturdy. The only reason for the sale is that I've ordered a shiny new red bike, and we've got no room in our garage for any more! It even comes with a mobile phone holder and the cutest basket in the world! The bike was $520 brand new, but I'll part with it for $300.

The second bike is a vintage ladies Raleigh Cameo. I bought this on eBay only a few months ago, but haven't given it the justice it deserves so want it to go to a better home. The paintwork does have fading and rust spots consistent with age, but overall I think it's in great condition and is perfect for riding around the neighbourhood, to the train station or down to the supermarket. It has 10-speed gears, a relatively new seat, and would look adorable with a basket. The rear brake rubs on the rims a little bit, but this could be easily fixed with a little bit of tinkering. I'll part with it for around the same price I paid for it - $100.

If there is no interest beforehand, I'll be putting both bikes on eBay this weekend. If anyone in Brisbane is interested in either of them, please send me an email - I'm more than happy for someone to go for a test ride.


  1. The vintage Raleigh bike has now sold.

  2. Could your ride the crusier down to Melbourne?! That's one hot bike- I would look good on that ;)

  3. I wish I could! I LOVE this bike sooooo much, and I need to make sure it goes to a good home!

  4. Just tried to work out courier cost to 3199- I have no idea how much a bike weighs!! At one point it quoted me $8, I wish!