30 April 2010

Retro-look glasses

Having broken almost all of the glasses given to me waaaaaaay back for my 18th birthday, it was time to buy ourselves some new ones. I'm not an advocate of expensive glassware for someone as clumsy as myself, so we went off to Target for something cheap but semi-attractive.

Now, Target homewares in this country are generally not as good as they are reported to be overseas, but nevertheless I've managed to find some excellent items there in the past (plus, their annoying new TV campaign strongly suggests that they're increasing the homewares focus in Australia). The day we visited Target had a sale of 30 per cent off glassware, which meant that a set of four of these fabulous-looking glasses was only $5.50! Now that's a bargain and a half! We decided to go crazy and buy two sets - one in red and one in black.

I'm really happy to have these in my home. I know they're not really vintage, but they look cute nevertheless. For a peek at a collection of real vintage juice glasses that are totally adorable, get hold of the previous issue of Frankie magazine (issue 34, March-April).

I think our new glasses are a good match with our Spirograph-inspired coffee mugs, coincidentally also from Taget, albeit four or five years ago. From memory they were about $2.50 for a set of two.

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