27 April 2010

New stuff in the Flying Ducks house

Last week was very busy, as we decided to repaint the bathroom before John returned to work this week. This involved sanding most of the walls right back (well, my husband did that part), painstakingly preparing the surface, and then painting in a room with very little ventilation (which means longer drying time). There's still some work to do, like finishing the edges and installing towel rails, so I won't post pictures until it's completed.

In other news, I completely lied about my previous post being the last one about our wedding, because we received another awesome gift! On Saturday night our friend JB dropped around for a surprise visit with this stunning frame from Abode & Bod in Wilston (a place which I have never heard of before, so I must pay them a visit!). It's an apple picture made from hundreds of pieces of Japanese tape. I've been wanting a picture to put on the wall leading into the kitchen, and now we have one!

On the weekend we also visited my favourite Brisbane store, Nook. There are far too many things there that I want to buy for myself, so I always spend quite a while there deciding what I want. Much to John's dismay, another item for the home decided it wanted to live with us - this pouffy little owl. It's come to my realisation that I have quite a collection of birdy things now, so I figure another one won't hurt. Mr Owl lives above another Mr Owl (the framed owl fabric I bought last year from Sivad Designs in Nundah), and I hope he'll be very happy there. 

Speaking of Nook, Michelle has now opened an online store. That's right, now I don't even need to leave the house to buy things. Very, very dangerous indeed. The really good news is that people who aren't in Brisbane can now enjoy shopping at Nook too. Check it out here


  1. Are you loving saying 'husband'? Too lovely.

  2. The apple print is gorgeous! Perfect for your kitchen. I love the little owl too.

  3. oh my... i love owls! i am so going to stop by there... thanks for sharing!

  4. Abode and Bod is one of Brisbane's most beautiful shops. I hope you have a chance to visit - they stock our homewares too :)