30 March 2010

Cooking up a storm

I haven't made a kitchen post in a little while, so I thought I'd share a few of the new little kitchen accessories that have made it into our home.

Firstly, I have acquired a teapot-shaped blackboard sticker for inside the pantry. The aim is for me to become a little more organised with cooking the evening meals. It's not working so far, but that's because I forget it's there. And I need to buy some more chalk.

Next, we have the incredible Qualy wine cell purchased as a wedding gift from my work colleagues before I went on leave. It came from the fantastic Brisbane store Mod-Cons. This thing can be completely pulled apart and reconfigured, which I did to make it fit nicely above the fridge.
Then we have the very heavy Salter salt grinder that I picked up at a Toowoomba thrift store a few months back. I don't think I'll actually use it for grinding salt, but I may use it as a weapon against intruders if need be.
And, finally, the new red silicone bakeware I'm going to use to create something for afternoon tea tomorrow (when the lovely Lisa from My Vintage Treats comes to visit!). I got these from Aldi in Bundaberg, of all places.
It looks like my Russian nesting dolls will be coming out of semi-retirement for another baking session!

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  1. How come Bundaberg gets Aldi and Townsville has to put up with Coles & Woolies?! I <3 Mod Cons.