19 March 2010

Shutter love: Bedroom

Our bedroom shutters are identical to the living room ones, and they make a massive difference in terms of the morning light that comes through the glass door. That, and we no longer have to put up with the vertical blinds 'flitting' every time the wind picks up! Cosmopolitan will be coming back next week to assess some repairs that need to be done in the bedroom - one of the mechanisms on the blades is a bit loose, and there was some minor scrape damage when the neighbour's garage door collided with one of the panels being carried.

A huge thanks to mum and dad for the best wedding present we could have asked for. I thought we were going to be stuck with those hideous blinds for at least another five years!

Thanks also to Tim, as well the installers Tommy and George, at Cosmopolitan Shutters. I can highly recommend them for price, quality and excellent service.


  1. looks awesome - we've got plantation shutters throughout our home and they are excellent - beautiful and practical!

    PS Can I borrow your parents? lol

  2. Kylie they look fantastic!!!!

  3. Lucky duck, I love plantation shutters! We have them in our bedroom and ensuite. I really want to put them in downstairs also - saving my pennies :)