28 February 2010

I am in love with an inanimate plastic object

After it had been sitting the post office for over a week (with no notice left at my front door), last Thursday I finally tracked down the whereabouts of my 1970s Kartell magazine rack. The eBay auction had warned that it was not showroom quality, and they weren't wrong! The rack came to me full of dirt (yes, dirt), covered in cobwebs, and with more than a few white and black paint scuffs. I suspect it had been unearthed from under some weird relative's house.

This morning I set to work cleaning it up (after giving it a quick rinse on Thursday night), and it's scrubbed up remarkably well. For the age of it, the wear is extremely minimal, and now it looks all pristine and shiny! I did, regrettably, decide that removing the paint with nailpolish remover was a great idea - yes yes, I can hear people screaming around the world. What was I thinking? I have no idea. I was tired, ok? Anyway, I only did that on a very small patch before realising that it MELTS plastic. Eek. So that side is not facing out - no big deal.

For now, the rack sits underneath one of our side tables (as when I bought it I promised John it would not take up any extra room). I may try moving it to different places around the room and see what works best.

In other news, last night on eBay I secured (with John's blessing) a brand new, still in the box three-tier Kartell Componbilli cabinet. I'd been wanting to buy one from Space Furniture for some time, and then as luck had it one came up on eBay in Brisbane (usually they're in Melbourne or Sydney). I can't wait to pick it up later this week!
Image: eBay

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