09 February 2010

My very first retro Kartell piece

This baby is currently on its way from Melbourne — an original Kartell magazine rack. Designed by Italian architect and designer Giotto Stoppino, they were originally manufactured my Kartell in the 1970s. Of course, many unmarked knock-offs were also made during this time, including some produced in Australia (by Plastex and other companies).

These are not pictures of the exact item I have bought (as the eBay images aren’t of the best quality), but it is the same design and colour as this one I found in the US. And, yes, mine does have the official Kartell stamp underneath. Finally, no more current homewares magazines strewn on the side tables — they can now sit neatly in this instead!

Kartell currently produce a newer translucent version of the design, but I’m still in love with the original opaque version.
  Image: smow

In other exciting discoveries, did you know that there is an actual Kartell museum in Milan? I need to visit there NOW.


  1. Nice one! I agree, the original opaque racks look best.


    That photo of all the different translucent ones lined up is awesome, although I agree as well, opaque is better, it will hide the visual noise of the magazine covers.

    totally jealous!

  3. You are welcome to come and swoon over my magazine rack any time, as well as read the magazines it lovingly holds...