21 February 2010

Lime and pistachio cake

Some time ago I added a 'cooking' label to my blog in the hope that it would inspire me to bake glorious treats like the ones featured here. Did it work? Well, not for a while. But then I set to work baking a couple of birthday cakes, including John's special request for his birthday today - lime and pistachio cake.

So, yesterday morning I decided to stay in my pyjamas and bake a lime and pistachio tea cake...

First, I got out my cute measuring cups and made myself a delicious cup of coffee.

Then, I got out my ingredients.

And I weighed them very accurately.

Note to readers: no matter how hard you try, you can not keep a clean kitchen if you are creaming butter and sugar. It flies into every crevice and appliance on or near your benchtop.

Juicy lime innards and flesh.

Ready to bake for approximately 60 minutes.

All dusted with icing sugar and sitting all pretty on the windowsill. Ahhhhhh!

And, finally, served on John's birthday today with sweetened sour cream and crushed pistachios. Yummy.

The verdict: well, the cake was a little dry, but I didn't frost it so that may have contributed. I also have a fan-forced over, which may have dried it out a bit. That said, for a cake made from scratch it was pretty damn tasty, and I would make it again.

Hooray for cookery!


  1. So you weigh all your ingredients? very interesting. I use measuring cups for everything which is a total pain in the ass when it comes to things like butter.

    Speaking of butter, HOLY WOW that's a lot of butter!

    Cake looks delish, makes me wish further that my oven worked :(

  2. p.s. your photos are looking really good. Must be the light in your kitchen. Or was it an effort? either way, high five.

    You'll have to let me in to your blog template backend and we'll figure out how to make them bigger.

  3. I usually use measuring cups, but the ingredients list for this cake was all by weight. I'm not sure being so exact helped much, since the cake was still quite dry. And yes, that was an ENORMOUS amount of butter!

    You can come bake in my oven any time, provided all baked goods are shared with me. I think you still owe me a lime pie. ;)