13 September 2010

Stretch sewing - win!

I've been at home today due to allergies - I woke with a headache, itchy throat and itchy eyes, so I had no choice but to take some pills that were likely to make me drowsy. But, that meant I had the chance to brave the knit top pattern that I accidentally bought! I decided to try view D, which is a loose-fitting singlet top with a tie at the back.

Images: Simplicity New Look

Aside from the fact that it took WAY longer than the two hours it said on the pack (largely because I had no idea what I was doing), it turned out quite well. The only major unpicking I had to do was the hem, funnily enough (because the tension looked a bit screwy). It's not particularly attractive on the inside as I didn't really finish off the edges in the same way as was directed in the pattern (I kind of made it up a little bit as I went along), and it is a little big (even though it's the smallest size), but it worked!

John's not home until late tonight, so I tried my hand at taking some photos myself. Apologies in advance for the poor quality, but hopefully you'll get the idea! I'll do some close-ups later on when I can be bothered...


  1. Great work miss. Hope you are feeling better. Dislike allergies intensely.

    When you have your screenprinting day with Thea you simply must make something out of what you print and do a post (with closeups). I've been exposing screens today, pretty happy with them. I've done one of my ginkgo designs and another I call Grassdragon. Keep up the enthusiasm, and don't let instructions bamboozle you, slowly wins the race...Terese

  2. Cool! The shirt I mean, not the allergy. Hope you're feeling better.


  3. Very well done!I like the colour choice very nice.Hope you get better soon too .