27 September 2010

Round-neck top complete!

After work on Friday I headed off to Lincraft to buy some plain black fabric to make into a round-neck top from the same pattern I used for my last project. I got the black fabric, but I also got some cute navy and white stripes. So, on Saturday morning I cut out my pieces, and over the course of a few hours on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning my project came to fruition (in between essay writing, driving lessons and a hen's night!). I had a few issues with this one, mainly because I was not paying enough attention to what I was doing (I had to unpick all the facing, the zip and one of the sleeves, but only because of silly little mistakes that could have easily been avoided).

As I was home alone today for study purposes, I had to take my own photos again. Note the intense concentration on my face in the first one (not to mention my new hair!).

The white owl brooch is from the Little Shop of Handmade.

On Sunday afternoon, Shilo came over to work on her own sewing project - a skirt inspired by a dress she owns. Keep an eye on Yikes Machine, as I'm sure photos will be posted in the coming days. And pretty soon we'll be adjusting the pattern for me too - yay!


  1. Kylie, your sewing is coming along in leaps and bounds! That looks very professional. I want one for myself. The new hair length is great - very cute.

  2. Hey Kylie, great work, looks really good. Wow a new do!! Never seen you with hair that length before, lookin' good...Terese