18 September 2010

Favourite Things Project: Creative pursuits

This week's theme for the Being Tazim Favourite Things Project is creative pursuits. When I started this blog, its purpose was to to chronicle my creative hobby of home decorating...

Over time, I have other bloggers have inspired me to try my hand at some crafty pursuits as well...

And I like to take photos of my food when it looks good too (usually baked goods)...

Keep an eye on the Being Tazim website over the next few weeks, as I will be doing a little bit of guest blogging over there for the 2010 Home Decor Event!


  1. Love your pink cake lifter! I also like your bedspread. Very nice job with decorating!

  2. Yum....those baked goods look fab on a cold Sunday. cheers Katherine

  3. i love the runner with the red pops of flowers!

    and those baked goods SURE DO look yummy!