20 September 2010

Sewing project: Box-neck top!

Yesterday after I'd completed my essay-writing quota for the day, I decided to tackle the top I'd been wanting to make for a little while. I'd spent a bit of time trying to decipher the pattern, and I'd vaguely worked it all out - so I went for it. Here's a refresher of the pattern:

I will tell you right away that it took me WAY longer than two hours, but that's because I spent so long working out what the pattern all meant. I also spent a lot of time zig-zagging my edges and making sure it was finished off as nicely as I could manage. And, I must say, I am VERY pleased with this one!

I did another near-perfect zip too, which I am quite chuffed about!

My main hiccup was that I cut a little too close to the seam on the inside front corners of the neck, so a little bit of the facing peeked out. I quickly fixed that by adding buttons - a cute addition to a pretty plain top, so I didn't mind at all.

I now want to make the round-neck design in a few colours and accessorise them with buttons and pretty trinkets. At least with that version I won't have those corners to contend with. :)

Thanks to the lovely Rebecca for photographing me at work today!


  1. Beautiful!
    The tops not too bad either ;D hehe

  2. That is lovely! Good work on the buttons - they look as though they are meant to be there. And the zip looks great.

  3. Super cute! Is that a woven fabric or a knit?

  4. Thanks ladies!

    This fabric is a woven. :)

  5. Wow Kylie, you are really getting the hang of this. Great work. Good idea to try the round neck next time....Terese

  6. Just lovely!! Great colour, great job!
    (and... how addictive is sewing?!!!!)

  7. WOOOOW! When can I put in my order hmm?

  8. There's no stopping you Kylie! Love the neckline and the colour. It looks great on you. x

  9. Lovely top! Very well done! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx