05 September 2010

Ana Kras furniture design

While flicking through the latest Frankie magazine this afternoon I stumbled across this feature on Ana Kras, a furniture designer from Belgrade, Serbia. I really love her Noodle design - a side table inspired by the design of a wastebin!

Images: Ana Kras

Apparently the top of the table is removable, allowing it to be used separately as a tray. Nifty!

I'd really like to get my hands on one (or a couple!) of these, but my internet searching has been fruitless. Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase one?


  1. I can't help with your question - but wanted to comment that your zip in your last post looks great, as do all the close-ups of your lovely skirts! They look very professional - can't wait to see what you're making next.

  2. Oh, those are really really awesome. I especially love them all grouped up like that in the second to last picture.

  3. oooh I like these, so that must mean you can take the lid off and put things inside too? Very clever!

  4. If you find a source for them - dont keep it a secret!! Fabulous!!

  5. I really impress to see your though about the furniture. I think that I want some tips because I also planning t furbish my house with new furniture. I wish that I will catch such luxurious furniture as well.