12 September 2010

More great stuff from Thea & Sami

Remember the photo shoot I did a couple of months back for Thea & Sami and their amazing new linen bags made in collaboration with Lyssy May? If not, here's a couple of pics to refresh your memory...

Images: Thea Samios, Thea & Sami

Well, I was excited to see this week that Thea has added more images from our shoot to her site, this time for her Le Soir organic clutch purse. I can attest that this purse is simply gorgeous (as is the linen bag)!
Image: Thea Samios, Thea & Sami

What's more, my image is now splashed over the homepage of the Thea & Sami website - making me feel ever so special indeed. I dearly love Thea's products, and I'm incredibly happy to be associated with such a wonderful local talent. Next month I'll be joining Thea for one of her very special and rather exclusive screenprinting workshops, and I can't wait! I'd better start thinking of some designs to print...


  1. Very exciting Kyliept! I love the clutches. Thea has a gorgeous range of products. The workshop would be great - look forward to hearing how it went. Have a great week.

  2. Have fun Kylie! I've been cutting stencils and practising my screen printing this afternoon. With crappy results however, I have so much to learn!

  3. You're so sweet Kylie. Looking forward to our fun day of screen-printing. x

  4. You look amazing...I love that shirt and I love the shots on Thea's site, cheers Katherine

  5. Aww you're so cute, I just want to pick you up and put you in my pocket! Haha x Em