30 August 2009

Down the rabbit hole...

Hooray! Yesterday I picked up my Peter Rabbit mirror by Lightly (available from Nook in West End).I've put my new little friend in the bedroom above where we used to have the two long mirrors leaning against the wall (as seen in my earlier post here). The long mirrors have now been moved to inside the cupboard doors, and I decided to fill up the floor space with one of our shoe racks - we had three stacked inside the cupboard, all full! It will make a handy spot for us to keep the shoes that we wear regularly, as well as somewhere to put my handbag.
The carry bag hanging on the door is the Reusable Bicycle Bag from Kikki-K, and on the shoe rack is the Girl and Bunny printed tote bag by Love.


  1. a beautiful mirror! love your colour choice - neutral blacks with the splases of red/colour. they just work so well!

  2. Thanks Bec - it took a while to get the room how we wanted it, but I think we're finally there!

  3. That's a beautiful mirror...how clever some people are! The room looks great...