23 August 2009

Study: After (continued... again)

The plastic drawers we have stacked behind the door in the study have been bugging me, and for a while I've been thinking about covering them with some pretty paper. Yesterday I went on a search, and found some lovely flocked damask wrapping paper by Hallmark. You can see how the drawers used to look here.After measuring and cutting out the five pieces, I attached them using double-sided tape. For an investment of $6.00 and about 45 minutes, I think they turned out quite nicely. Perhaps one day I'll cover them with something a little more permanent like a good-quality wallpaper.

In the pics you can also see a silver mesh bin I bought from Officeworks for $10 - which has given us a place to neatly store umbrellas, rolls of wrapping paper and poster tubes on top of the drawers (rather than just shoving them under the bed).

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