15 August 2009

Cute stuff...

Today when we were out shopping John found this cute tiny easel, complete with a tiny canvas - the perfect size to display the lovely little Mel Robson ceramic tile given to me for my birthday. It sits underneath John's original Joey Ramone print by Shepard Fairey, and is flanked by a Maxwell and Williams jug and a cheap Ikea vase. (We currently have 10 of these vases in the cupboard because we're using them for table decorations for our wedding in April - so I thought I'd put one to use!)And this little Gocco print was sent to me by Fiona as a late birthday present! It matches the invite design for her wedding earlier this year - which has also featured in my bedroom accessories. You can view more of Fee's work at Studio Pounce (along with the work of her husband Ryan and friend and colleague Chris).


  1. I love that Joey Ramone print! where did you get it??

  2. Hi Cath!

    The Joey Ramone print is by Shepard Fairey - Google him to see more of his works. It's one of only 300 in existence, and I got it on ebay for my partner's 30th birthday a couple of years ago. :)