16 August 2009

Study: After (continued)

There's been another new addition to the study/spare bedroom. I decided to have a look through our huge poster archive to see if we had anything suitable, and I came across this old promotional screenprint for the Morning After Girls.I decided to make use of an old blue Ikea frame we already had - I just painted it in the same shade of red as the frame in the bedroom. I then created a border out of black card and mounted the poster using acid-free magic dots. I'm really pleased with how well it matches the rest of the decor!


  1. You clever thing...look fab...really like that cushion cover too! Thank you for your encouragement on the alice teapot...I just found your comment now...I must get my act together and make some for etsy...

  2. Hiya !
    Your ate look fabulous.


  3. Awww, thanks for your lovely comments Chrisy and joliieess!