09 August 2009

Study: After

The study is still a work in progress, but I've done a little bit of decorating in there this weekend which I thought I'd share.

Earlier in the year we painted the room the same as the rest of the unit - Dulux Image Tone Quarter. It really brightened the space, especially since it doesn't get the sun until late afternoon. When we moved the furniture back in, we reconfigured everything so it was a little more spacious. With time, I'd like to replace the old desk (which has been repaired many times) with a corner desk - computer and study area on one side, and creative area on the other (sculpting for John and, hopefully, sewing for me!).
Yesterday I bought a double quilt cover from KMart and put the mattress inside - it looks soooooo much better than the old ugly blue thing! I also bought some plain red cushions from KMart to tie the colour theme in with the rest of the unit (I was going to go green for an accent colour in here but changed my mind!). The eye chart cushion is by Aunty Cookie - purchased yesterday from Michelle's lovely new Nook store in West End!
The 21 Jump Street Johnny Depp poster has been moving around with John for many years, so we had to find a home for him here too. The bookcase mostly has reference material, and the pin board (featured in a previous entry) is from KMart.

Next I have to paint an old Ikea frame red to hang horizontally above the sofa - I need to find something to put in it first, but hopefully one of John's Lomo photos.


  1. The futon looks so much better, it doesn't look like the same piece of furniture, I did the same with mine and recovered the hidious original fabric with a double bed quilt cover.
    I really like the black pin board, it's coming along! :)


  2. But where's the trophy room gone?

  3. ok. futon in the quilt cover? GENIUS! you have just revolutionised my life, do you know that??

  4. I had read somewhere that people used fitted sheets to cover ugly futons - I just took it one step further and put the whole mattress inside something!

    Foi, the trophies are still there, just not in the photos you can see. Not that they really fit with my decor...