06 September 2009

Bathroom renovation in progress!

When we bought our unit two years ago, the whole place was pretty structurally sound... except for the bathroom. Thankfully original 1970s mosaic tile floor was in great condition, but the shower/bath was another matter. The steel tub had previously rusted through around the plug hole, resulting in a substantial leak into the garage. The previous owners had done a patch-up solder job, but we knew it would only be a year or two before we had to rip the whole thing out.

In the meantime, we decided to get rid of the peeling beige paint and replace it with something a little more interesting - a colour called Desert Bake by Taubmans! John's not keen on the whole room being this bold, so we may end up re-painting the main wall in something a little more subdued (perhaps Desert Bake's complementary colour Cherokee Smoke).

And now just this week, the time has come to replace the bath! We've spent several months waiting to get to the top of the tradesman's list, but at least he was willing to do a partial reno (since most people we contacted refused to consider a job worth less than $15 000). So far our old tub and wall tiles have been ripped out, and our new tub has been fitted and the plumbing connected. We decided to pay a little extra to have another steel tub so it fits with the original look of the bathroom (as opposed to an acrylic tub). It's also been difficult finding a bath that fits in the space, as we didn't want to cut into the wall if we could help it!

Hopefully within the next few days the tiles will go up, and then next week we can stop showering at the neighbour's place!


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