16 September 2009

Brisbane city guide now featured on Design*Sponge

Looking at the Design*Sponge website recently, I noticed that Brisbane was missing from their city guides - so I took it upon myself to email Grace from d*s to find out why (and offered to write the guide as well). Grace took up the offer, gave me a deadline, and here it is - the Brisbane city guide!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, as that would have taken weeks. However, I do hope that it proves that Brisbane is just as awesome as any other city!


  1. Nice work! We deserve to be mentioned!

  2. Thanks so much Danielle and Steph - I appreciate it!


  3. Great job Kylie! This sooo needed to be done.

  4. Kylie,
    WOW! thanks a trillion!
    I'm a New Yorker moving to Brisbane next month with my Australian husband.
    This guide is going to a lifesaver for me to start learning my way around the neighborhoods.

    Thanks again, and come November if you see a
    brunette American with tattooed arms wandering aimlessly, say hello!

    - Shilo