15 November 2010

Christmas decorations ahoy!

I currently have these gorgeous decorations on their way from one of my favourite stores, Polli. They are printed on 100% recycled card, which means no guilt for me!
Image: Polli

I'll be using them to decorate the home-made Christmas tree that John and I fashioned from bits and pieces recycled from Reverse Garbage last year.

I'll be doing little brown paper packages again this year, but instead of the brown twine I'll be using this candycane-inspired twine that was in my awesome package of red things from Cerebral Excrement earlier in the year.

What are you doing to prepare for the festivities in your home?


  1. Ooh, I forgot about that twine. I want some myself except I have about a 10 year supply of ribbons (went a bit crazy in the post-Christmas sale). I bought an advent calendar from kikki-K (in the post-christmas sales) and I'm going to put presents in it except I live on my own so I guess they will all be for me!

  2. The cards are gorgeous!
    No actually I will probably use some branches and make some felt flowers...That is theory :)
    In the mean time,get inspiration & dream about that perfect decoration and feel!
    PS: I have done the 4 things phew! :) xx

  3. Love your Christmas tree and those gorgeous decorations ... I must admit that I'm yet to properly make any real Christmas effort. Though I am hoping to kick off some family Christmas shopping this week ... :)

  4. love your christmas decorations, so cute!!!