08 November 2010

Four things about four things about me: Part two

 Here's my remaining eight things about me (started in my last post).

Four things I would like to have done but didn’t
1. Paid more attention in biology class. I took biology in my senior years at high school, but I unfortunately did quite a bit of mucking around. I find these kinds of subjects very interesting these days, so I just wish I’d paid more attention back then.

2. Not gone to see Marilyn Manson on his last tour. Sometimes when bands I loved in my youth tour, I go and see them to reminisce. Even though I would not consider myself to be a fan these days, usually when Marilyn Manson tours, I go along and am thoroughly entertained. I wasn’t so entertained last time. He was older and fatter, and the fantasy was gone.

3. Taken more photos at the Big Pineapple. As you can see over at my other blog, recently my friends and I took a trip to the Big Pineapple. What we didn’t know when we went there was that it would actually close down two days later. It had been for sale for a number of years, but was only quietly sold last month. Apparently it will re-open as a car museum before Christmas.

4. Said goodbye properly. My close friend Shilo is currently (as in, right this very second) on a plane home to NYC. It will probably be a while before I see her again. We will catch up on the internet, of course (after all, it is how we met in the first place), but it would have been nice to have done a proper goodbye in person. We saw each other earlier in the week, and assumed we’d catch up again before she left. But we didn’t, so I didn’t get to say a real goodbye. There is a personal story to explain why saying goodbye properly is particularly important to me, but I won’t share that here.

Four things you may not know about me
1. I just got my licence, aged 28.
That’s right. Last month, in fact. I started lessons with a driving school back in March, having been renewing my learner’s permit since I got it when I was 16. I even went all the way and got a manual licence. I’m still not entirely comfortable driving, so I’m yet to venture out on my own. But I’m getting there!

2. I don’t like dried fruit.
I find it disgusting. No sultanas, dried apricots, or even dried goji berries for me. Gross.

3. I have floppy ankles.
My ankles have roughly 50 per cent more rotation than most people’s. I believe it’s somewhat connected to me walking pigeon-toed as a child, and sitting in some rather awkward positions as a kid. I still sit in awkward positions, often on my feet with them all curled up. It still freaks my husband out. Thankfully I have excellent bones, which I attribute to my excessive milk drinking throughout my life, so the many instances of me rolling my ankles have never resulted in a serious injury… yet.

4. I was a teenage goth.
No need to say any more about that one.

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  1. Wonder if they keep the giant pineapple. Btw, ditto with dried fruit. Especially raisins/sultanas, to me they looked like wrinkly old people and I don't eat wrinkly old people. :-P

  2. Oh, how fun to read these. I know what you mean about seeing rock idols past their use-by date. I went to the Countdown concert a few years ago and was devasted when I saw the drummer from Sherbert - who I had a crush on as a young teen - he was fat, old and bald! Sometimes, it's just best to blissfully live in the past. x

  3. It sucks we couldn't get together before I left, I guess you'll just have to come out to New York for that, ok?

    I miss you already friend.


  4. Oh no, the Big Pineapple is closed! I remember getting awesome ice cream there too. Or maybe it was the Big Avocado that had the amazing ice cream - I don't know, all the giant fruit I visited as a child have kind of merged together in my memory.

    Well, I feel better about my lack of drivers licence now. I will get on to it... soon.

  5. I loved reading your 'four things' ... I'm hopefully kicking off my list tomorrow.

    I like dried apricots, but can't stand sultanas (especially when people put them in curries). The last time I went to The Big Pineapple was probably when I was about 10 or so - I'm pretty sure it was there that I had a traumatic experience with an emu trying to steal my Salt & Vinegar chips ... I still don't trust those birds! ;)