06 November 2010

Four things about four things about me: Part one

So I guess that means sixteen things about me!

Nadiah over at Playing Fair tagged me for this meme, in which I have to tell you all kinds of personal stuff.  I'll give you eight over this post, and the rest later on when I have more time to think! Enjoy!

Four things in my bag
1. Amazon Kindle. I've had it for just over a week now. I've downloaded some free public-domain classics to start, as well as a trial subscription to Time magazine. Isn't it pretty?!

2. B.Sirius wallet. This is from a Melbourne company that I discovered a little while back.

3. Boston umbrella. This is the best umbrella I've ever owned. It was pricey as far as umbrellas go (about $35), but it folds up really small and can't turn inside out and rip - genius!

4. Ear plugs. We go to quite a few concerts, and many of them are pretty loud. These ear plugs are good at reducing the decibel level without distortion.

Four things in my bedroom
1. Birdy bookmark. This little guy is from kikki.K, and he was given to me by a friend.

2. Fez-wearing monkey. This dude belongs to John, and he's had him since before we met. I am unsure of his significance. Perhaps I should ask. He's kind of cute though, and his head wobbles.

3. Childhood art. You've probably seen the vintage suitcases that we have in our bedroom, but I've never shown you what's inside. The red one contains all the paintings and drawings I did at kindergarten and preschool - my mum kept them all in this little case.

4. Sudoku book. As you can see, I got rather frustrated with some of the medium puzzles.

In the next post, I will reveal more serious matters such as four things I wish I'd done but didn't, and four things you may not know about me. I'll also tag four lucky (or perhaps that's unlucky!) people to go next. Stay tuned!

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  1. You've got style! Your wallet puts my ratty old one to shame :-) It's lovely that your Mum kept all of your kindy drawings - I'm going to try to keep a sampling of T's as well, but he has become rather prolific, I'm going to need several suitcases at this rate.