20 November 2010

New impromptu top

This morning John went out on his bike for a few hours, so I decided to use my time constructively and finally sew the top I'd been meaning make for ages. The pieces have been all nicely cut out for more than a month, but I haven't found the time (or patience) to tackle it.

I used the same pattern that I did for my last top. At the last minute, I decided to do away with the plain black sleeves and instead use some vintage checked fabric that I picked up from Lifeline in Toowoomba recently for 30 cents (yes, 30 cents - and I only used about a quarter of it). Everything went quite smoothly today, and I only needed to unpick a couple of times.

And look! I even took some close-up shots without having to be asked by my readers! The brooch is from That Vintage, and was a treasured birthday present from Shilo earlier this year.


  1. Hey Kylie you are doing great with your sewing! Keep it up and don't be too discouraged by unpicking. I still unpick stuff, after 30+ years of sewing...OMG can it be that long! Terese

  2. It looks fantastic Kylie!

    And - I received my giveaway bag, thank you! I used it as a book bag for a meeting the other day and asked by a colleague where I got it - I told them about your etsy site.

  3. Gorgeous! I love the plaid. If you sold these I would definitely buy one!

  4. I'm glad you still unpick, Terese. It's the most tedious part!

    Thanks Rachel - hopefully soon I'll get my act together and screenprint some bags!

    Ha ha, not a chance Elissa. I've decided I don't actually like the process of sewing - I just like that I can invest a few hours and have something new to wear! :)

  5. This is awesome Kylie!It is what we call very well spent time!I am glad the market rush is over I can go back to my clothes sewing project too :)x

  6. Oh lovel the top! (and the brooch) ... I love the touches of red in your outfit! :)