14 March 2011

Ukiyo-e demonstration and workshop

On the weekend, I attended a ukiyo-e demonstration and workshop with my friend Irene. It was hosted by the Japanese Consulate in Australia, and included a lecture by the Director of the Ukiyo-e Museum, Kunio Sakai. We were also very lucky to witness the skills of one of only thirty ukiyo-e printmakers practising in Japan today, Tatsuya Ito. For a comprehensive account of our afternoon, check out Irene's post here.

After the demonstration, we were privileged enough to use Ito-san's woodblocks and print two colours of a print ourselves.

Thanks Irene for inviting me to come along!


  1. Wow Kylie - what a fascinating and incredible experience. Anything handmade, and with a history passed down via generations I have immense appreciation for. Will you frame your print?

  2. Yes, I think I will frame it. Even though it is nowhere near 'complete', I still like it!

  3. The prints look amazing. It looks like it would have been a lot of fun too. xx

  4. Wow, must have been an amazing day Kylie!